Stratoscale Symphony

A software-defined cloud infrastructure solution that empowersIT to transform any hardware into an application-centric and services-driven hybrid cloud

AWS Region On-Prem

Transform any hardware into quota-based consumable capacity that can easily scale as demand grows

Application-Centric Framework

Gain the agility, flexibility and operational
simplicity of a services-driven

Enterprise Grade

Ensure high availability, stability
and resiliency, while eliminating
vendor lock-in

Transform Your Data Center into a Hybrid Cloud

Stratoscale Symphony offers a turnkey comprehensive cloud infrastructure software-only solution for enterprise IT, development teams, and service providers.

Symphony can be deployed in minutes on any commodity x86 server, providing an AWS region within the data center and enabling users to enjoy the simplicity, agility and flexibility of cloud services without compromising on security, resiliency, control and cost.

Trusted Globally

Nothing tells you more about us than the clients who collaborate with us and put their environments in our hands.

WebEx | SanDisk | Decea | TEAM NETSQL | SOS Surveillance

Intuitive Experience

Easy setup, installation and ongoing management coupled with self-service direct consumption (capacity and services) by business users.


Full support for all workloads
and applications (legacy and cloud-native), VMs and containers in an AWS-compatible environment.

Applications & Services-Driven

A rich and continuously growing marketplace of applications and fully-managed services designed to remove barriers and offer true agility and fast time to-market.

Building Capacity

Immediately adopt a hybrid cloud strategy by combining all on-prem resources into expandable and quota-based capacity, scaling only the resources you need | Birmingham, UK

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