PenLink proudly supports agencies around the world in their effort to keep safe the places we call home. Their customers range from local law enforcement to international cooperative organizations. Whether these agencies are protecting a local municipality or conducting counterterrorism operations, their mission is PenLinks mission.  PenLink is the provider of PLX and GeoTime, Platform solutions to collect, normalise and analyse complex data more quickly and efficiently.





DEM SOLUTIONS was founded in 2013, by founders with 20 years of operational experience in the field. Our company projects, develops and manufactures high-tech systems inside its own laboratory, using the latest available technologies in the field of microelectronics and telecommunication.


DEM Solutions supply products for different solutions, based on 4G, 3G, GPS, or Radio Frequency. With the ability to develop customised products. Our staff is composed by high skilled technicians, and a large Network of Professional dealers and resellers covering large part of the World. Our systems can be also used with your remote servers via wireless and Ethernet connection.



ADF Solutions was founded in 2005 and is a leading provider of digital forensics and forensic triage software. ADF offers various services and products, including certified digital forensics training and digital forensic software. ADF’s team of talented digital forensics professionals have experience working on various cases, including human trafficking, child exploitation, cybercrime, border security, and criminal investigations. For more information, visit





The Ethos Tech vision is to bring converged technologies to the UK to offer all sizes of business the same level of services that Google, Facebook and Amazon offer to their customers.

We support The Investigator, attending webinars, workshops and conferences