April 2023

Surrey & Sussex Police Force Selects JTOL For Digital Investigations System

JTOL Limited, a top-tier provider of data analysis solutions for policing within the UK and Europe has been awarded a force-wide multi-year contract to deploy, train and maintain GeoTime Enterprise in partnership with Penlink Ltd, the developers of the system.

Surrey & Sussex Police Forces, the 6th largest policing region in the UK with a combined force of over 5000 employees selected JTOL after a rigorous evaluation and review process to ensure the solution they selected met with their progressive strategic requirements. The contract is a testament to JTOL’s commitment to delivering exceptional services to police forces across the UK.

“We are thrilled to announce the award of this contract to JTOL,” said Duanne Watkins, CEO of JTOL. “Knowing the type of work and data these two forces were dealing with, we were confident in GeoTime Enterprise by PenLink would not only fit their needs but allow them to get less technical users more involved in criminal investigations which involved data analysis and reporting.”

Surrey & Sussex Police will be using PenLink’s GeoTime Enterprise solution for dealing with the vast amounts of digital evidence which is collected, analysed and reported on for criminal investigations. This new capability will allow the police to collaborate and move quickly through digital evidence, reducing the time it takes to close and prosecute cases. PenLink’s GeoTime Enterprise is used by police forces across the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA. 


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