Visualise data  in 3D

Fast analysis and reporting

Automated pattern tools

Create videos of movement

Web Browser analysis (Hosted or On Premise)

Automated reporting

Cross Case searching

Rapid analysis of millions of records


Evolution – Device agnostic tracking Management
Cohesity – Hyper converged backup protection
Stratoscale – Software defined cloud infrastructure
Compurverde – Software defined storage


JTOL provide a complete data collection and analyses solution that meets the stringent demands of security and IT today.


With over 25 years of Law Enforcement IT Technical Support Experience in covert and overt tracking, secure IT system design, IT management and user requirement capture, there is no better company to work with.




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East Midlands Strategic

Commercial Unit

JTOL is Registered under two categories:

            Lot1 Research and Development

            Lot3a Evidence examination and analysis


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“I have found Geotime indispensable for ‘cutting through the fog’ of dense and varied data sources.” “I have used the program to produce a variety of reports using screenshots from time and date/map view, Powerpoint shows and video overviews of specific incidents.”


DMI Officer

“Using Tellfinder we identified multiple adverts linked to the subject mobile numbers. Using the advert location, it enabled us to show the movement of the females. Utilising the advanced search image option this identified further linked adverts that officers were not aware of. These extra adverts identified other mobile numbers of interest and more importantly images of females being advertised that we had not yet encountered. This information assisted with identifying females and in turn enabling officers to conduct welfare visits.”, “Tellfinder is key in identifying the majority of adverts ever linked to that mobile or email so it is extremely useful.”

MDSHT - Lancashire Police.

Intelligence Officer | Birmingham, UK

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