GeoTime is a powerful tool for understanding time-space data faster using 3D. Watch behavioral patterns develop over a 2D map using GeoTime’s unique third axis: time.


GeoTime® for Law Enforcement

The industry’s only 3D mapping and analysis tool, capturing time and space.

Used by UK Law Enforcement and MOD for rapid analysis of data sets, further combined in time and space and visualised with the patented 3D and Calendars views. Consistent feedback from our Worldwide users allows for development specific to the users, with automated analysis ‘pattern’ tools finding those key locations and meetings that the eye can miss.

Adorned with additional capabilities directly requested from users e.g Flexible pivot tables, network link charts and bespoke but rapid reporting directly to PowerPoint and Excel all being standard functions.




Cleans and Formats Data: Aided with our integrated cleansing and normalising tool (Glimpse) for common data sets e.g. CDR data, ANPR (inc. direct from BOF or NAS), Telematics, Cellebrite, XRY, Social Media exports, Google Location history enabling all data to be viewed separately or together in an holistic view.

See better in 3D: GeoTime’s 3D timeline shows the stories hidden by traditional mapping and GIS tools

Chart Analysis: Easily identify top callers, top locations, time of day and relationships between entities

Automated Analysis Tools: Automatically find meetings, important locations and gaps in your data to place targets at the crime

One-Click Report Publishing: Outputs visuals as PowerPoint, animated videos & images; high-impact courtroom presentations

Animated Videos: Present target movement over time by sharing animated videos with investigators, analysts and courtroom presenters

Annotating and Map Graphics: Mark up maps with notes and annotations to help tell your story




GeoTime® Glimpse for Investigators

No more waiting – Ask your questions. Get instant answers. Quickly and clearly see where your suspect has been.


Instant uploading and processing of your RAW data files in a simple Drag and Drop interface

Formats Supported:

UK NCDS CDR’s, Cellebrite UFED, XRY, Google Location history, Uber Location reports, Berla iVe (Telematics) and more




See all your suspect’s activities mapped over time.

Make sense of your CDR and Cellebrite data
Easily identify top callers, top locations, time of day and relationships between phones.

Get instant answers to these questions:
Was your suspect’s phone near the crime?
Who were they calling before and after the crime?
Where were they making those calls from?


One-Click Reporting

Take snapshots of the analysis, or export your work for further analysis with your team.

Identify Additional Suspects
Quickly find persons of interest from your suspect’s frequent contacts.

Verify Alibis and Submit for Warrants
See key information at a glance so you easily verify an alibi – allowing you to quickly take action.


Analyse multiple data sets together, containing time and location, such as:


Communications Data

Mobile Forensic

Social Media

GPS Data

Vehicle Telematics

Video produced from Vehicle Telematics data by a UK Law Enforcement DMI Officer and shown to the suspect of the fatal hit and run incident.  The suspect pleaded guilty. | Birmingham, UK

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