Device Agnostic

Agnostic to devices and with over a 100 already integrated, Evolution2 builds on over 25 years of experience in the Tracking, Monitoring and Control of GPS devices. The NEW Graphical User Interface offers the agency the ability to bring the Operational Surveillance and Analytical disciplines closer together enhancing the usefulness of the data captured.

E2 is the centre point of data collection for all data types with the unique capability to create and link these data sets to entities at ingestion.  Users have the ability to create Operational Containers (Cases) then further create subjects and/or deployments that assets/devices/’imported data sets’ are then assigned to.

Built with collaborative working in mind

It’s a granular access control permission based system with definable Profiles, allowing the agency to decide who and what accesses are given to cases, assets or control of devices.

Agency Collaboration and Data Sharing.

E2 is built on a sub-platform known as UniTrac which is the Device Routing Engine that ingests all the device feeds.  It is also a powerful Agency to Agency or UniTrac to UnTrac (U2U) device data sharing capability.  With a few short clicks Live device data from one agency can be quickly and seamlessly shared with another agency.  The data at the receiving agency receives the same device name preceded with ‘u2u:’ to identify the originating system. | Birmingham, UK

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