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Audio Video IP Surveillance 


A complete system for live video, audio and location monitoring with recording and store and forward download built in. Connecting back to the HQ via a secure AES128 or proprietary scrambled IP connection to a web browser viewer 

Full HD video, stereo audio up to 48KHz, 4G Network, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS.  

128GB memory, internal or external battery 2000mAh, magnetic plates. 

All in a compact, deployable unit. 

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RF Audio

PUMA 2.0  

Uses the digital RF FSK transmission protocol. Thanks to the embedded remote controller, the receiver can remotely manage all setting and functions of the transmitter. The receiver has internal rechargeable batteries to allow for immediate and local listening. It is also possible to remotely manage functions and settings of both receiver and transmitter, by connecting the receiver through a serial port and via IP. 

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The Digital Spread system is based on a new advanced technology, spread spectrum.  Thanks to this advanced technique,  Ultra low power consumption for several weeks of listening powered by LiPo batteries is achieved along with minimal case heat making the unit very difficult to detect. 

200mW -800mW with distances exceeding 500Metres. 

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Connect Range


“CONNECT 4G” is a specialised version of “Store & Forward”, allowing the connection between two different technologies.   


PUMA PLUS & DIGITAL SPREAD CONNECT can be used as standalone RF receivers for the TX modules as per the PUMA 2.0 or Digital Spread.

Each module has a proprietary magnetic snap connection that allows the units to be combined enabling the amalgamation of RF receiver to 4G IP Transmitter.

The Connect 4G can be used as a standalone Store & Forward audio receiver with a 4G GSM

The connection is made through a contact connector and the anchoring between the two systems is guaranteed by smart magnetic plates.

With this solution, the user can fully manage the RF product, record & relaunch, live stream listening, or download the track from a remote listening station.


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RF Bubble bug  

It is an environmental audio monitoring system based on RF PPM encoded over radio transmission featuring ultra-low power consumption.  This technology allows to digitally transmit encoded audio information using only a tiny current consumption. Contact JTOL for further details.

This technology completely differs from FSK technology where, at the same output power, the consumption is 100 times higher.  

PPM modulated audio is difficult to be listened to by commercial radio scanner receiver.  

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REC128 – Digital Recorder  

The REC 128 is a professional grade quality audio recorder designed for covert use. It has a full metal case in milled aluminium (or, on request, can be also delivered in heat shrinkable tube only), highly autonomous stand-by with 2,500 hours continuous recording on one charge with more than 107 days of recording. Profiting from the latest DSP technology, it combines miniature size, very low power consumption, long battery duration and a high audio quality.  

The Recorder is equipped with a very high sensitive microphone with a wide dynamic range, able to record conversations exceeding 10 meters. All stored recorded tracks can be found on the micro SDHC card and can be managed through the included software. 

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Wired MICs allow audio monitoring using a 2-wire line. The Analog Wired MICs system is composed of a receiver (Wired MICs RX), a transmission line (2 wires) and 2 mic transmitters (Wired MICs TX). The 2 wire LINE can be implemented with telephonic pairs, unused LAN cables, coaxial cables, ect. The maximum distance covered is approx. 5Km. 

Wired 4G 

Is a version with internal IP Store & Forward through 4G and WI-FI with command and control via a Web Browser. 

Wired / Wired REC 

WIRED is a basic version. Allows the possibility to listen directly and send the audio to other audio systems. WIRED REC is a version with an internal recorder on 128GB SD Card  

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